Favorite People –

My Family:

  • Rob (Husband Extraordinaire! Married June 14, 1985)
  • Robbin (Fabulous First Daughter) and her husband, Jakob (Fabulous First Son-in-love)
    • Clara Ray  – Grandkiddo #1 and Eli Jakob – Grandkiddo #3
  • Bethany (Wonderful Second Daughter) and her husband, Dwight (Wonderful Second Son-in-love)
  • Elise (Fantastic Third Daughter) and her husband, Rylan (Terrific Third Son-in-love)
    • Jonah Robert – Grandkiddo #2 and Lorelei Reese – Grandkiddo #4
  • Maxine and Howard Morarie (My Amazing Parents) – My dad resides in heaven now
  • Siblings (Howie, Julia, Nancy,  Mike, Mark, Judy, Tricia) – Howie and Nancy reside in heaven now
  • Nephews and Nieces (all 20+ of them) – Jesse and Tim reside in heaven now
  • Great Nephews and Nieces (all 14+  of them)
  • Two silly pups:  Preacher – the loud-mouthed Blue Tick Coonhound and Hildee – the hilarious and fluffy labradoodle.

My Friends:

  • Too many to list, you know who you are and each one of you enriches my life!

Favorite Cold Beverage:  chilled water

Favorite Hot Beverage: Um – if you know me…..COFFEE of course!

Favorite Color:  Green

Favorite things to do

  • Spend time with my favorite and only husband – Rob Kelly
  • Spend time with any of my girls and sons-in-laws – they’re all amazing!
  • Watch movies – drama or thriller (not horror) are what I like most
  • Read – historical fiction
  • Play piano
  • Sleep
  • Laugh – – a lot!
  • Connect with friends from all stages of life
  • Listen to music.  Music is pretty much always in the background for me.
  • Travel!  If I had the resources I’d be off traveling every year to someplace new!  I’ve been to:  Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Spain, France, Thailand, Hawaii and many other states across the nation.

Favorite Movie:

  • Life is Beautiful

2 responses »

  1. Neva says:

    Love ya lady! you rock!

  2. Meghann says:

    I love you Auntie Carol~!
    This is amazing

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