I have a few strange sayings in my vocabulary that I realize are due to my parents, grandparents, and probably sets of great-great grandparents.  Family lingo has a way of threading through time to create very interesting conversations.  Here’s a few sayings or words from my family history:

  • You look ducky! (compliment on looking nice that day – hey, I didn’t invent the saying!)
  • I mean it!  (This is added for emphasis to any direction from your parent.  Evidently anything not attached to this saying they didn’t mean?  I can’t poke too much fun of this one, though, for I caught myself giving direction (yelling) at my girls and tagging it with an emphatic I MEAN IT!)
  • Where’s the sandbox, this cat’s gotta go. (that was always a fun one my Dad would say)
  • Let’s hitch up the dogs! (Again, contributed by my dad, said when he was ready to go from wherever we were, whether or not it was a polite time to do so.  I love this man!)
  • In a restaurant, and unsuspecting waitress politely would ask:  “How do you like your eggs, sir?”  My dad replies, “I like them!”  With an exasperated look, the waitress:  “No, I mean, how do you like them cooked?”  Dad, not batting and eye:  “I like them better that way!”
  • Or, again, a waitress, or some nice person might have said to my dad, “Have a nice day sir!” to which he’d mutter to us, “I’ll have whatever kind of day I want to!”  We’d giggle and think it was cool, however, I doubt we were allowed to do the same.  🙂 
  • I love you “hijus” (I have no idea, but it means a lot when my mom tells me this)
  • Snapping Turtle is spelled:  Sne – ee- appin-snappin, snap, and two wise-n-snappins, sne-ee-orkel-turkle, SNAPPIN’ TURTLE (Grandpa Bailey’s contribution)
  • The back of my hand’s on the way to your mouth, young lady! (I knew I’d gone too far with the sassy-ness)
  • Giddy Go (repeated rapidly over and over until your mom is ready to scream – thanks, Mark, for that one!)
  • “Walk like a turkey, walk like a turkey!”  (My mom claims many mothers did this…she’d grab the back of your waistband/pants and lift causing you to walk in a trot-like manner to what some may think resembles a turkey trot?  Again…I am not the inventor of these silly things!)  🙂

There’s more, but, I’m sure you have some to share….and to my family, thanks for the rich history!  I love it all.

About cakboliv

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia to wonderful missionary parents, Howard and Maxine Morarie. Grew up in Bolivia, both in a remote jungle village

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  1. suvvy – really soft, coined by the eldest daughter when she was tiny
    strawbabies – strawberries, coined by the oldest son when he was 2
    forebander – another name for forehead, goes with the rhyme–forebander, eyewinker, nose-blower… thanks to my Mom for that one
    neigh-neigh – the better name for horses, started by the youngest daughter and used so much that the word “horse” is no longer part of our vocabulary

    There are many, many more, but those are some of my favorites. Thanks for reminding me of those this morning!

  2. Stephanie says:

    roast cappla: it’s what my mom used to tell us when we asked what was for dinner and either she didn’t know, or didn’t want to tell us. it’s also the name we give any dish that’s just “thrown together”.
    b-gobbity: nonsense word my brother made up when he was a toddler. he’d walk around just repeating it over and over…it’s a wonder he’s still alive. (c;
    flickity-muck: something to say when one stubbs one’s toe.

    we also have so many more…Thanks for sharing a bit of your family, and allowing me to do the same. (c:

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